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Why Career Counselor?

Choosing a fulfilling and rewarding college major or vocational career can be challenging at best. Career offers college selection advisement and vocational coaching on a one-to-one basis by a Licensed Professional Counselor from the convenience of home.

Our clients include high school students about to enter college or work, college students who are deciding on a vocation or major, and adults who are in job transition or thinking of changing to a more rewarding vocational field. Our goal is for each client to:

  • Become aware of their vocational interests & personality strengths;
  • Make wise decisions concerning a vocation or major course of study;
  • Gain acceptance into college;
  • Help make the transition into a new vocational field easier

Our Services

Career Counselor offers personalized services that help students and adults move through the college acceptance process and choose a vocational career direction. We can even help improve reading, vocabulary, and study skills through our companion web site Literacy Our services include:

Career Discovery Program

College Selection/Acceptance Program

Mission Possible Program


For more information on these services, click on the links above or go to the left menu bar and select the "OUR SERVICES" page.

Contact with your advisor can be made by voice conversation over the internet or telephone, or email capabilities.

Visual contact using Skype is also available.