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Why choose web counseling?

Career Counseling via the internet has been shown to be as good as and sometimes more effective than face-to-face counseling. Students tend to be more focused using technology tools they are familiar with. Web-based counseling is also more convenient and more accessible than making a special trip to and from an office location.

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How secure are our conversations or e-mail messages?

All voice and text communications through Career and Literacy are safe and confidential. Our e-mail server is encrypted and secure from hackers or third parties. If you wish to communicate via instant messaging/chat or internet voice communications also known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), then we ask that you download the software for Skype, which is a fully encrypted communications software tool for the above mentioned communications. Skype download information can be found on "Our Resources" page. Please keep in mind that although we can assure security from our end, your emails and communications might not be secure if other family members, friends, or co-workers have access to the computer you are using. Remember, we also provide career counseling via telephone as well.

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Is it beneficial to receive professional assistance for my child's college search process?

Many students and parents successfully conduct the college search process on their own. The free College Search engine provided by College Board located on our "Resources" web page will help you do this. However, choosing the right college and navigating through the application process can be a jungle. Professional assistance through a Career Counselor professional can help simplify the selection process and clarify what type of benefits the student is hoping to gain from their college experience.

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