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From Parents

Our son was in the middle of his senior year of high school and had
struggled for several years with his studies. He was challenged in the
use of organizational skills, study habits, and lacked motivation for
success. We spent tens of thousands of dollars on counseling, tutoring,
evaluations, and many other available programs and resources. None of
these yielded the results and provided the support he and we needed.

We also tried to work with him but were faced with a teenager who did
not want to hear or be coached by his parents. Fortunately, we believe
in the power of networking and frequently shared with our
colleagues and friends the challenges our son faced. Through his
efforts we were blessed to learn of JoAnn and Glenn. Over 4 short
months they were able to develop a friendship and the trust of Grant.
Their combination of patience, diligence, skill and deep care helped
them to connect with him immediately, and the relationship grew stronger
from there.

JoAnn and Glenn provide occupational counseling, organization and study
skills mentoring and guidance for life. They interfaced with teachers
and guidance counselors at his high school. They modeled the right
behavior in this regard, as our son now interfaces with his college
professors, administrators and counselors and has demonstrated a skill
and patience he did not possess one short year ago.

We highlight recommend JoAnn and Glenn and have done so, to anyone whose
child needs guidance to think about and plan for their future,
understand how today's task help to form the foundation for that future, and provide the skills and motivation to work toward that success, one
gentle and patient step at time.

Elise Hamilton & Nat Hunter
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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